Just Like Magic Co. is dedicated to capturing the most heartfelt emotions, the biggest laughter, the warmest hugs, all the joyous tears, and the smallest details. Every relationship is unique and our goal is to tell the story of your journey with every frame.

We photograph families, couples, weddings, and small-scale events.

THE WHEN & Where

Our humble journey began in 2018 in the city of Singapore.

We love photographing our clients in their natural element, doing what they love most.

You'll find us lounging with them in their homes or getting our feet buried in the sand at the beach.

Journeying with couples, we've had the privilege of photographing in gorgeous cities like London, Paris, Perth, Melbourne, Tasmania, New Zealand's South, Tokyo, and Seoul.


It is our belief that every photograph has a purpose – to take you back in time, to that one special moment – remembering the littlest things, even after you have forgotten everything else. When you look back at the photographs days, months, and years later, we hope they bring a smile or a happy tear to your face as they take you down that heart-warming memory lane.


By just being present and taking in all the emotions, sounds, and atmosphere, we are able to observe the most beautiful bits of life.

Armed with our trusty camera, you best believe we'll catch something you missed in the blink of

an eye!


The woman behind the lens, Renee.

Growing up in a close-knit family that took pride in documenting milestones and adventures in frozen frames, photography became an essential part of Renee's life. Her maternal grandfather was a photographer and was always seen with a camera in hand, ready to document anything. Her fondest memory of photography as a child was him giving her a disposable film camera at his birthday dinner so she could try documenting the event in her perspective.

Fueled with the determination to create timeless pictures that make her clients' hearts flutter, she has been photographing professionally since 2016. In 2023, Renee was awarded Wedding Photographer Of The Year by Tatler Asia Singapore and Sony Singapore.

Renee's preference for simple yet encompassing pictures is what guides her style.

"The camera is much more than a recording apparatus, it is a medium via which messages reach us from another world."

Orson Welles

Family Photography

Remember those albums your parents have stashed away in a cabinet that only gets taken out once every couple of years?

They’re just like little time capsules of memories from your childhood or their younger days.

Your family is unique in all its ways, shape and size.

Have priceless moments with your family captured

by us so you can add them to the

countless memories you have already accumulated. 

Couple Photography

Secret hideouts, cozy date spots, or even the

most unexpected locations hold the puzzle pieces

that illustrate your relationship.

Be silly, be vulnerable, or be in your own

love bubble, we encourage it!

We want to tell your unique love story

so leave the paparazzi work to us!

Wedding Photography

Wedding days are the ultimate celebration of love.

The gathering of not just the couple and

their family, but also their closest friends.

Imagine if your usually-goofy parent sheds

an unexpected tear of joy, or the extremely

stern parent breaks out in the loudest of laughters,

those are the priceless frames.

Leave it to us and we'll capture them for you.